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Only on vLex can you access the largest collection of Caribbean case law available anywhere online, including the entire up-to-date CariLaw collection, accompanied by judgments from multi-jurisdictional courts and secondary materials from leading publishers.

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The complete CariLaw collection

vLex’s award-winning legal research platform enables you to navigate extensive collections of Caribbean law in one location, including case law from 18 jurisdictions, authoritative books and journals, and news and legal commentary from world-leading publishers. In partnership with the University of the West Indies, vLex is also the home of the entire CariLaw collection, which has been combined with vLex’s own historic Caribbean collection to provide comprehensive coverage of Caribbean case law.


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By combining human search behaviour with machine speed, Vincent AI can save you time, improve the accuracy of your research, and increase your productivity and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for any legal professional. Vincent recognises legal documents from over 32 countries, in both English and Spanish, and can extract key legal issues from case law.

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Recommended products

vLex Caribbean (Inc. CariLaw)

Access the largest collection of Caribbean legal documents online, covering 18 jurisdictions and including cases from multi-jurisdictional courts, such as the Caribbean Court of Justice, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, and the Privy Council. This unique collection of data is updated weekly, and combines the exclusive CariLaw collection with vLex’s own historic coverage.

Bermuda Law Reports

The official Bermuda Law Reports are comprised of considered judgments from the Supreme Court and appellate courts of Bermuda. Exclusively available on vLex, this title dates back to 1956, with comprehensive coverage from 1986.

Bahamian Law Book

The Law: The Social and Economic Effects on The Bahamas 2000-2020 provides a detailed thematic study of contemporary Bahamian history through the framework of its legal system.

Ian Randle Collection

The Ian Randle collection of books, from a wide range of authors, covers a variety of legal topics including family law, environment, maritime issues, conflict resolution, sexuality, social exclusion, human rights, cybercrime, and much more. These books and journals cover both provincial legal issues and those that apply to the wider Caribbean community. Ian Randle Publishers is the Caribbean’s leading commercial publisher of academic and general interest books.

Cayman Islands Law Reports

The official Cayman Islands Law Reports contain cases from the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands and appellate courts dating back to 1923, with comprehensive coverage from 1952. This series is a vital repository for practitioners and librarians in the Caribbean, and it is exclusively available from vLex outside of the Cayman Islands.

Caribbean Law Review

The Caribbean Law Review (CLR) was originally founded in 1991 as the University of the West Indies Faculty of Law’s biannual flagship journal, publishing high-quality scholarship focused on Commonwealth Caribbean Law. The journal is of strategic and historic significance to the region; taking a uniquely Caribbean-centric perspective, and cited extensively by courts and legal scholars. With its relaunch, CLR continues its commitment to authoritative, peer-reviewed, legal analysis, with an emphasis on Caribbean legal developments and topics of regional importance, and to remaining open access in order to support the dissemination of scholarship vital to the area’s development.

With articles spanning substantive law, policy, and sociolegal studies, CLR is read throughout the legal community, including by academics, researchers, lawyers, and the judiciary. In addition to journal articles by legal experts, the publication offers in-depth commentaries, case notes, and book reviews of new and upcoming legal titles. Recent articles include a discussion on the ethics of health-promoting taxes, an overview of regulations around noncommunicable diseases, and an analysis of sugar tax legislation.

CLR sits within vLex Caribbean collection, which includes CariLaw, enriched by cutting-edge vLex research tech and linked to vLex’s wider global repository of trusted legal information.

ICLR Law Reports Collection

The Law Reports is an authoritative series of published cases which constitute binding precedent in English law. The collection incorporates all earlier divisions of The Law Reports, as well as the four modern divisions – the Court of Appeal, Chancery, Family, and Queen's Bench Divisions. The Law Reports are written by barristers and solicitors who are present in court for the hearing of the argument and the handing down of judgment. Reports are available on vLex to customers across select Caribbean and African countries.

ICLR Industrial Cases Reports

The Industrial Cases Reports date back to the inauguration of the National Industrial Relations Court in 1972, and are published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales. ICLR Reports are available on vLex to customers across select Caribbean and African countries.

ICLR Public and Third Sector Law Reports

Launched in 2009, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports (PTSR) were specially designed to meet the needs of charity, social enterprise and local government lawyers, as well as all those involved in the provision of public and community services. The reports offer essential coverage of cases in key areas relating to the exercise of public duties and functions, public benefit, and issues of public accountability. ICLR Reports are available on vLex to customers across select Caribbean and African countries.

ICLR The Business Law Reports

Launched in 2007 specifically to meet the needs of chancery and commercial lawyers and those working within the business community, the Business Law Reports focus on key areas that include arbitration, company law, financial services, insolvency, intellectual property, mercantile, and shipping law. ICLR Reports are available on vLex to customers across select Caribbean and African countries.

ICLR The Weekly Law Reports

The Weekly Law Reports cover more cases in more courts than many other series of law reports. They are recorded by the largest number of reporters who are actually present in court, and are reported faster than any other series. ICLR Reports are available on vLex to customers across select Caribbean and African countries.

vLex United Kingdom Core

The vLex UK Core contains the largest collection of UK judgments available anywhere online, including both reported and unreported content, which is updated daily. Containing over one million full-text cases, as well as legislation, dockets, books, journals, news, legal commentary, and court and tribunal forms, this collection’s case law dates back to 1163, and it covers the full legislative history of the UK dating back to 1235. This unique collection of data was digitised and independently sourced from the Ministry of Justice, Royal Courts of Justice, Advocates Library, and even individual barristers.

vLex’s United Kingdom collection also includes UK Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dockets, Scottish judgments from a number of courts, including the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary, as well as thousands of cases from the courts of Northern Ireland, covering the Magistrates’ Court to the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland. Coverage for Northern Ireland extends from 1922 to 2009 for the House of Lords content, and from 2000 onwards for all other courts.

vLex Puerto Rico

Covering laws, regulations, cases, administrative decisions, books, official journals, newspapers, and much more, this collection is an invaluable resource for any legal professional interested in Puerto Rican law. This extensive collection of Puerto Rican legal information includes coverage of the constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as judgments from the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, the Appeals Court, US District Courts – District of Puerto Rico, US Supreme Court, US Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit, US Bankruptcy Court (1st Circuit), and international courts.

vLex Central America

An extensive collection of law from Central America, including legislative, regulatory and case law databases which are updated daily, as well as an extensive collection of books and journals from prestigious publishers. This collection provides extensive coverage across Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, and Panama.

vLex Dominican Republic

An extensive collection of law from the Dominican Republic, including legislative, regulatory and case law databases which are updated daily, as well as an extensive collection of books and journals from prestigious publishers. This collection brings together over 570,000 legal documents from the Dominican Republic, accessible all on one intelligent legal research platform.

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