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vLex’s intelligent legal research database enables you to navigate through the complexity of law with ease and search across a wide range of documents, including:

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  • Legislative Enactments of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
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  • Supreme Court Law Reports
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Recommended products

Sri Lanka Collection

Access a wealth of legal information from Sri Lanka, including official consolidated versions of Acts from 1956 and Legislative Enactments of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka from 1980, The Sri Lanka Law Reports from 1978 to 2016, New Law Reports from 1895, Supreme Court Law Reports from 2009, and Court of Appeal Law Reports from 2011.

vLex United Kingdom Core

The vLex UK Core contains the largest collection of UK judgments available anywhere online, including both reported and unreported content, which is updated daily. Containing over one million full-text cases, as well as legislation, dockets, books, journals, news, legal commentary, and court and tribunal forms, this collection’s case law dates back to 1163, and it covers the full legislative history of the UK dating back to 1235. This unique collection of data was digitised and independently sourced from the Ministry of Justice, Royal Courts of Justice, Advocates Library, and even individual barristers.

vLex’s United Kingdom collection also includes UK Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dockets, Scottish judgments from a number of courts, including the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary, as well as thousands of cases from the courts of Northern Ireland, covering the Magistrates’ Court to the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland. Coverage for Northern Ireland extends from 1922 to 2009 for the House of Lords content, and from 2000 onwards for all other courts.

vLex International Supplement

A complementary collection of international case law, news, books, and journals, containing over 400,000 cases, legislative provisions, legal documents, and articles. This collection combines important international cases from over 20 courts, including judgments from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), International Criminal Court, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, World Trade Organization, International Court of Justice, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, International Labour Organization, United Nations Resolutions, United Nations Treaty Series, and many more.

vLex Southeast Asia

This collection contains legal information from across Southeast Asia, providing extensive coverage of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This unique collection of content contains hundreds of thousands of cases from the respective countries’ superior, appellate and specialist courts. With over 400,000 legal documents, cases, and secondary materials, this collection is enriched with cross-jurisdictional links to coverage from around the world.

vLex India

Containing over 500,000 documents, the vLex India Core offers a unique collection of Indian legal information and coverage from over 70 courts, including the Supreme Court, High Courts, tribunals, commissions, and boards. Alongside case law, this collection provides access to government regulations and legislation, books, journals, blogs, news, and an extensive selection of forms and contracts.

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